LWCars/TDMCars metallic paint mod
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1 year ago. #1
I made a mod of TDMCars and LWCars to add sorts of actual metallic car paints

put the contents of "lwcars_metmatmod" into your LWCars SVN folder if you have one, overwriting everything (repeat after SVN updates) - if you don't have the SVN, just put "lwcars_metmatmod" into your /addons/ folder
same with the TDMCars one
when updating this mod, just overwrite everything

"classic" paint (only available for TDMCars, as what you usually get as the first skin)

metallic paint

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10 months ago. #2
aesthetics tweak, first implementation of the "classic" paint
10 months ago. #3
small update for specular level tweaks because maybe I should look at real-world examples of what I work with
10 months ago. #4
here's another version which only touches on the "classic" car paint

now, usually, the first skin of TDMCars will be the "classic" paint, and the second will be the metallic car paint
10 months ago. #5
 dat rushen boi

looks nice af.
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10 months ago. #6
one reason for why I chose to include my "classic" paint was that I would've otherwise had two entirely similar skins except for one having brighter phong reflections than the other
if you actually want that, but with my metallic paint thing, just ask me
10 months ago. #7
check it out!!

(update/latest is now in the OP)
10 months ago. #8

9 months ago. #9
(basically a few tweaks on all skins, notably weaker cubemap reflections for the 'classic' paint for more realism)
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9 months ago. #10
I messed up all reflections for the LWCars skin get this patch
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