LW Cars issues
2 years ago. #1
 fat rushen boi
All LW Cars that are parked/on sale can´t be spawned and the signs are offset. Is the server missing files?
2 years ago. #2
It may not be the LW's Pack that's causing the issues but probably the Server. Seeing how Brax implemented parking. It's possible the Cars have nothing to do with it
2 years ago. #3
 Braxen ????
Seems to be the LWCars models that are crashing the server, i reinstalled those too, so there must be a recent update to it that broke them.
Also the fact that there's been a typo in the lua code on it for like a year kinda sucks.
2 years ago. #4
 fat rushen boi
rip swagger porsche number plate FKF855 (if that might help tracking it down later)
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