Thank you for at least opening the help.

Please read at least this section (and the starred sections when you need it), it saves the staff a lot of time and repeated questions and answers.
Almost everything in the whole gamemode is covered in this help section, so read it before you ask any questions.

I need more money!!

  • Collect daily login bonuses, logging in to the website gives you even more.
  • Do quests from the NPC's that are scattered around town.
  • Clean up littered trash. Put them in the red pawn machines.
  • Farm plants and sell. The plant vendor won't buy vegetables, maybe a store owner will?
  • Go fish! And sell the fish to the vendor or make food with them.
  • Open up a store, sell items. Buy stock at the wholesale.
  • Do criminal activities. Manufacture drugs.

Is this a serious roleplay server?

Not really. Do whatever you feel like - as long as they're under the rules.

Where's job X?

All "jobs" available are in the spawn house. However, jobs are mostly useless, as things as buying from wholesale depends on what business you're in. If you want to be a thief for example, just go rob people, you don't need a "job" for that. If you really insist, use /job.

Someone is RDM'ing!

RDM is not a bannable offense when done in moderation.
The police is supposed to take care of this, if they don't they will get demoted/kicked.
If it becomes a real nuisance or no admin is online, go passive and you can't get killed.
Repeated RDM (like 15 kills on your scoreboard) will get you kicked/banned.

Do the props in my apartment save?

Yes. They save both in regular intervals and when you disconnect.
Most props save (furniture, food, guns, etc) if you notice a certain type of prop missing, please tell the staff.

How do i check mail / How do i read letters?

Use the blue mailboxes.

I can't spawn props.

Go to one of the stores to buy them.
Furniture can be saved in your inventory, bank account, apartment & business.

I can't start my car!

Hold Alt (+walk) until you hear the engine start up. If it still doesn't start, it's broken and needs repairs.

My car was gone when i got back!

It will get impounded if you don't park it at a designated parking spot or the garage.
If your game crashed or something else out of your control happen, contact a staff member so they can remove it from the impound.

How do i get food?

There are some ways.
  • Buy ingredients and cook with a stove
  • Player owned stores / State owned stores
  • Player owned vending machines
  • Harvest wild plants
  • Farm plants in pots
  • Farm animals

I'm stuck in jail.

A police officer must open the jail cell for you, or someone could initiate a jailbreak with that lever...
You can also suicide as a last resort.
Not being a productive police officer results in a ban.

The mayor is ruining everything!

If the mayor is killed they lose their mayor status, plot something up.

How do i craft illegal stuff?

There's a guy next to the gas station that could help you out.

I want admin!!

No. We will approach you if it seems appropriate.

How do i get VIP?

It's given out to people who behave and play a lot. Donators get more benefits however.
Protip: don't be an ass

Are there any donator benefits?

Check them out on the donator page on http://rp.braxnet.org .
We're trying to make them as non-gamebreaking as possible.

If you have any questions, add MrBrax as a friend!