Buying an apartment

Go to the estate agent to buy apartments. Simple as that.
Show me the way

Important information

All furniture and appliances in an apartment will be saved in intervals, and when you disconnect.
Nobody can break into your apartment while you're gone.

You need to pay the rent or else you will get kicked out, including your furniture.
Pay the rent at the estate agent.

You can hold C (context menu) when inside your apartment to access some handy functions.

Please reconsider buying an apartment if you're not going to play regularly.
It's not fun if apartments get bought and aren't used - and nobody else can buy them.

Your apartment can be broken into if you're online, be sure to store your valuable stuff at a safe place and don't leave your home unattended for long periods of time.
You can use passive mode to prevent this.


Add and remove these at the estate manager.
They will be able to modify furniture, lock & unlock doors, and pay the rent for you.
Be careful who you add, as they can in theory steal everything you own.