Starting a business

Go to the estate agent to start a business.
Pay the rent at the estate agent also.
You can change the type of your business here.

Show me the way

Important information

Use the Business Tool on entities to manage them.
This needs to be done also if you want to save them. Bind a prop to your business to make it save.

I'm telling you again, your props WILL NOT SAVE unless you bind them to your business.

Please reconsider buying a business if you're not going to play regularly.
It's not fun if businesses get bought and aren't used - and nobody else can buy them.

Your business has a high chance of being evicted if you do not take care of it and restock items.

Handling money

To retrieve the money earned, use a safe bought from the "shopstuff" store (same place as the estate manager).
The money earned from purchases will still save however, you only need the safe if you want to retrieve money.
When you're online, people can break into your safe, so keep it safe!


Sophisticated menus are the shit.
You get one per business. With one, you can sell items while you're offline - or online, doesn't matter.

Buy items at the Wholesale and talk to your clerk.

Drag an item from your inventory onto the item list to add it. You can access settings for that item by right clicking it.

By default, an item is not enabled - as in, it's not sellable. Right click the item and press "Enable" to fix that.

Protip: Right click on the clerk with your Business Tool to move it around.
Press R to rotate.


Add employees to your business on the F4 menu tab 'Business'.
From there, you can set their salary, which will be paid out every 5 minutes while they're online.
At the time of writing this, employees can modify props, inventories, lock & unlock doors, and pay the rent.
Be careful who you add, as they can in theory steal everything in the business.