A farming pot can be bought at the farming store, at the wholesale building.
Needs a growing lamp also. To toggle the light, look at the pot and use the context menu.

Water can be obtained from e.g. sinks (bought from youkea) and water buckets.

Seeds can be bought from growplants.brax.


The stove, preparation bowl and drink mixer can be bought from Appliances in Future Homes.

To use a stove, you need to read the book about cooking, gotten from a bookshelf.
Leveling up the cooking skill makes it go faster.

Ingredients can be bought in grocery stores owned by players or the state,
and if not - the website foodshop.brax can be used.


The chemistry lab can be bought from Appliances in Future Homes.

Chemicals can be bought from chemonline.brax and yourdoctornow.brax


Buy an animal at the wholesale store.
Feed it food and water to keep it alive, and it will grow and perform fitting tasks.
When killed, it will drop meat.