Passive mode

How to use

Say /passive in chat to toggle.


  • Props in your apartment cannot be picked up
  • No damage taken from player weapons
  • Cannot hurt other people
  • Cannot use lockpicks
  • Cannot rob entities
  • Can still die from hunger
  • Cannot make hard drugs
  • Abusing this feature is a bannable offense. This includes:
    • Stealing from peoples' homes
    • Blocking doorways and/or public pathways
    • Resisting arrest if you're guilty
    • Shooting people just as you go out of passive mode
    • Killing someone and then go into passive mode
    Basically, use this if you want to chill out with friends and watch TV, without people shooting your face.

Reasons you can't go into passive mode

  • Killing someone
  • Hurting someone
  • Going out of passive recently
  • Being a cop

Important: The apartment prop protection goes in effect 5 minutes after you enter passive mode.