1Don't be a dick in the game & chat, play nice.
2Speak English in main chat, other languages can be used in PM's.
3Do your job if you're in the government (police/medic/mayor etc), don't do anything illegal.
3.1Release prisoners if their sentence has ran out.
3.2Stop bank/safe/home robberies.
3.3Stop illegal drug manufacturing.
3.4You may not be bribed for any cause or reason.
3.5Do not assist in any crime (robbing/raiding/killing etc).
3.6Do not attack innocent civilians.
5Light RDM/Freekilling is not a bannable offense. Treat it as a real life murder.
Use /passive if you don't want to get killed.
Mass RDM will be taken action against.
6NLR does not exist here. Do whatever you please after you die.
7Raiding does not require announcements. There are plenty of ways to get notified.
8Abusing passive mode will get you banned.
9Don't abuse glitches/bugs, report them instead.
10 If you're on the dev server - anything can happen. Refunds are not to be expected.
This includes, and are not limited to:
  • Money resets
  • Garage resets
  • Ownership resets
  • Apartment props
  • Business props
11Propsurfing, propkilling & propblocking is not allowed.
12Abusing posters & photos to show inappropriate content is not allowed.
13Hoarding businesses & apartments is not allowed, and neglecting your business (no items for sale) will get it evicted.
99 The rules can change at any time without notification (but we will try to notify you).
Administrators and Moderators will follow these rules.